Effective October 1, 2013, Manatee County Pool Permit fees have been reduced.
The new fee is $369.77.


  • 'Guidelines for Manatee County Pool Permit Packages' are available in the 'Downloads' section below.

  • For specific details on Building Permits, please call our office at 941.747.0677.

  • Please select the 'Permitting & Inspections' tab at the left for additional information.


Check below for information and downloadable forms that will be of use as you navigate the design and development of your aquatic or environmental engineering project.

This page is updated frequently, so please check back often for the most up-to-date information on policies, rules and regulations.
Contractors may use the Private Provider process defined in Section 553.791, Florida Statutes for third party Building Permit plan reviews and inspections. Our sister company, SOUTHWEST FLORIDA BUILDING INSPECTIONS, LLC (SWFBI), offers complete Private Provider services, while maintaining Kimes Engineering for your pool engineering services. Select the SWFBI tab from the menu on the left for more details.


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Information & Downloads
2007 Pool Spa Requirements Form for Manatee County
2007 FBC Pool Child Safety Form for Manatee County
FBC language from Chapter 13 Energy Efficiency compliance methods for residential and commercial pools
Kimes Engineering form for reporting site specific information for pool compliance with 2007 FBC
Guidelines for information and details to be shown on pool plans or attached information
Basic instruction for navigating the 2007 FBC for Anti Entrapment Site Specific information on pool applications
Building Code Inspection Scheme for Pool Permits
Use this form to allow Contractor to engage SWFBI as Private Provider
Required and if authorized by owner, signed by Contractor
Contract required and if authorized by owner, signed by Contractor
Quick reference for Requirements stated in Rule 64E-9.005(2), Florida Administrative Code (link provided to full Rule)
Proposal to give some plan review for commercial pools back to the Florida Department of Health
Guidelines for complete pool packages

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