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Kimes Engineering works with professional pool contractors who are licensed to build or repair public pools, spas, and water features. In cooperation with owner's associations, we prepare plans for new projects and modifications to existing projects.

The current issue for many is adding the collector tank to remove direct suction from a pool or spa. This typically involves adding a larger line between the pool or spa and the tank, then connecting the existing pump suction to that tank. The tank can resemble a fiberglass barrel or a concrete pit in the ground near the pool. The tank will have a lid for safety.

We visit the site to document the existing conditions and gather information to create the plan. The plans we prepare contain the necessary information for the permit to comply with Florida building code.

Most owners or managers contact us to prepare the plan in order to obtain the contractor quotes.
When your contractor has completed the construction, we visit again to view the completed work and prepare the operating applications necessary to re-open the pool or spa.

Give us a call and we'll get your project moving.
"Recent legislation makes other options available to prevent suction entrapment. The Collector Tank remains the only maintenance free device that can't be bypassed or removed. 

The Collector Tank produces the best protection of Florida's residents and visitors from suction entrapment."
                 --J. Kent Kimes, PE
Modifying a pool or spa system with a COLLECTOR TANK causes the pump to draw from the tank instead of the drain. The flow to the collector tank is created by gravity. a COLLECTOR TANK eliminates direct suction. "DIRECT SUCTION" describes a pump which draws directly from a drain in a pool, spa, or wading pool.
The first step toward completing this modification, is getting the required engineered plan.
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